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Ascendant Holidays, a world-class provider of luxury accommodations and amenities, knows that besides the many cultural and historical places found in Mexico, beaches are one of the main attractions. Here are some of the best ones to spend your day in the sun.


Cancun is famous for its nightlife, shopping places, and resorts. Apart from these, there is a beach as well. This beach is perfect for those families who want to do and see more. Spend your day on the water then plan your perfect night in this area.

Playa De Carmen

This beach is located to the south of Cancun and offers a broad range of accommodations and attractions for tourists. Ascendant Holidays says that for those planning to spend the holidays at the beach; this spot is a fun one to try.

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Puerto Vallarta

Richard Barton and Elizabeth Taylor, former iconic Hollywood couple, brought Puerto Vallarta to the attention of the people around the world in 1960. Along with the beach, this city is famous because of its signature look with red-tiled roofs, wrought-iron balconies, houses with white walls, and cobblestone streets. The town has an excellent reputation for excellent restaurants that serve foods of different types, some of those from great Mexican recipes, reminds Ascendant Holidays

Los Cabos

Los Cabos Beach is perfect for people who want to enjoy luxurious beach resorts. Few beaches of Los Cabos are suitable if you’re going to swim there, but other entertaining activities can be accomplished here, including sports fishing, golfing, etc.

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Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, this spot is located near the Riviera Maya. For travelers who want to take part in eco-adventure in Mexico, then Ascendant Holidays knows this is the perfect destination.

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