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Ascendant Holidays Promos are the best. Members love Charleston as it is the most picturesque destination in America. Located on South Carolina‘s coast this town is not only cultural but also a beacon of southern brilliance. Charleston is a well-preserved historic treasure with a 300-year-old historical past waiting to be discovered.

Ascendant Holidays members say that Charleston is architectural heaven with hundreds of preserved structures, church bells and wrought iron balconies that have their say, surrounded by water on all three sides and shaded by palm trees and Spanish moss. This country posses an exotic flavor that embraces its historical architecture. Its resorts like beaches are just perfect as an ideal vacation spot for the whole family. By connecting to good travel agents, you sure will be able to plan an exciting holiday experience in and around Charleston. Whether you want to stay close to historical wonders, charter a fishing boat or shop for handmade crafts your travel agents can help you plan it all into a single vacation.

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Ascendant Holidays members say that the historic town of Charleston is not only full of museums as there are also many relaxing beaches just a stone’s throw away.

Folly Beach is a revitalized Amusement Park area that is full of thrills for tourist of all ages. In its East Copper area, Wind-surfers and Jet skiers master the waves like playful dolphins while the silky sands of Kiawah Island win the title of being the best pristine beach of the area.

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Folly Beach

Ascendant Holidays members find the horticultural delights of Charleston quite fascinating as they give a glimpse of its natural beauty. Its terraced landscape, ornamental ponds, and gardens designed in symmetry and balance make it a hotspot holiday destination.

With such beautiful things to see and do in Charleston contacting a travel agent is the best way to enjoy a holiday there. These travel agents can come up with the best travel deals and plans all the luxurious accommodations and amenities included and you can enjoy a comfortable stay just as Ascendant Holidays offers its guests luxury vacations at affordable prices.