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Ascendant Holidays reviews Charleston as one of the most engaging tourist attractions of South Carolina. This southern city has something for everyone. People all over the world visit Charleston for its celebration of art, music, food, and fashion. The number of tourists who keep coming back to experience the magic of Charleston is a testimony to its rich history, gracious people, and well-preserved architecture.

According to Ascendant Holidays, art lovers flock to Charleston every spring to be a part of the Spoleto Festival which is America’s most premier performing arts festival. This festival showcases performances of opera, theater, dance, and music. The Spoleto festival features many established and emerging artists. This late spring festival of 17 days usually starts at the end of May and ends by mid-June.

If you are a history buff, you do not want to miss out on visiting Fort Sumter where the Civil War began. At Fort Sumter, you can explore the grounds and then go on a trip around the harbor. Fort Sumter tour is a golden opportunity to learn about the events leading up to the war and the stories of the courageous heroes who fought in the very first battle of Civil War.

Ascendant Holidays recommends the Magnolia Plantations and Gardens as a place where every nature lover must visit when they are in Charleston. People of all ages get enamored by the beauty of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. The extensive grounds of the garden are home to a variety of wildlife. The mini petting zoo in the garden is an excellent spot to visit if you are traveling with kids. You can visit these gardens any time of the year, but it is particularly beautiful when the azaleas are in bloom.

Ascendant Holidays reviews Charleston, South Carolina (1)

Ascendant Holidays recommends visiting Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston’s Historic District is another main attraction that brings most visitors to this lovely southern city as reported by Ascendant Holidays. The most romantic activity you can do in Charleston is a horse-drawn carriage drive through the fascinating Historic District dotted with historic homes, slender church towers, and veranda-fronted mansions. All architecture lovers must visit the many well-preserved plantations and mansions of the Charleston Historic District. Browsing through the Charleston City Market and shopping from King Street is also very popular while you are in this area of town.

The waterfront park is an ideal spot for water lovers who want to spend a lazy evening with nature. Here you can walk along the coast and enjoy the sprawling views, the walkways lined with trees, the pier, and the breeze. There are many fantastic photo opportunities throughout Charleston, but if you are at the waterfront park do not forget to stop and click a picture with the iconic pineapple fountain.

The Middleton Place of Charleston boasts of the perfect blend of history, architecture, and nature. You can explore the House Museum which has a musical conservatory and an art gallery. This place also tells the story the lives and labor of enslaved African-Americans who were part of this historical place. Noted as one of the most exciting gardens in America, the gardens of Middleton Place is worth a visit. In the Spring, when the hills of camellias come to life is the most popular time to visit according to Ascendant Holidays.

Much of Charleston is pretty as a picture. The Rainbow Row is a delightful spot for photographers. Rainbow Row consists of 13 colorful and well-maintained homes that stand side by side. It is lovely to walk through this area and learn about the history of these houses. It is an ideal spot to enjoy the southern Charleston charm and also make memories that will last a lifetime.

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