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Ascendant Holidays members know that when you plan a North American holiday, you have the benefit of following the expert guidelines of the tour operators and even have the independence of making your plans, stopping at campsites whenever you want, meeting new people and enjoying Texas the way you want.

Ascendant Holidays top tips:

You can stay in Dallas, a city that combines a brash of flashy exteriors with a classic southern charm where tourists can discover its striking architecture and vibrant culture.

Ascendant Holidays Reviews the Great State of Texas

Ascendant Holidays members say that Texas is a beautiful holiday destination and is home to an incredible mix of vast open spaces and ultra-modern cities. Tourists can explore it on their own to enjoy it more and get the ultimate freedom to drive on its public roads as well as to enjoy the flexible vacation experience by enjoying it at their own pace.

Ascendant Holidays says that on your way to Houston, you will get the chance to enjoy its multiple attractions. Tourists can visit and explore the Space Centre of Houston and its Sam Houston Historical Park. These places are the perfect spots for family vacationers who are looking for a fun and educational array of activities to pursue.

Ascendant Holidays Reviews the Great State of Texas (1)

San Antonio is another Texas destination that you can visit during your holiday there, leaving the open road behind and sailing down on the San Antonio River to enjoy a cruise and an underwater life of Texas at SeaWorld, these sure are the most exhilarating experiences. The most appealing monument that tourists should never miss out on in San Antonio is the Alamo. This is the most famous monument that commemorates the people who lost their lives in fighting for independence. You can enjoy its historical past at Alamo’s IMAX.

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Ascendant Holidays recommends tourist interested in enjoying the western lifestyle to cruise over to Bandera County, home of the Mayan Dude Ranch. You can ride on horseback through this beautiful countryside. There are also many interesting walking routes that you can follow, which is the right way to round off your adventure before heading to Alpine, a small town situated above sea level. Tourists can even visit its astronomical research center, the McDonald Observatory, as well as its cultural Fort Davis.

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