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Ascendant Holidays members know that there are many delightful attractions to enjoy in Hawaii. However, Maui is one of those special places that keeps the tourist happy and coming back year after year.

The outdoor lovers enjoy hiking and biking down its mountain landscape, admiring the beauty of its scenic vistas. Many hiking, walking, and biking trails are available around the island and enhance your overall experience by creating unforgettable memories on the way.

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Dancers Performing at a Luau on the Island of Maui Hawaii

Your Maui vacation will not be complete without a visit to Haleakala Volcano. The nature-loving tourist will enjoy the experience of driving to its top and enjoying the beautiful sunrise. On Maui, the underwater world that surrounds it is every bit as compelling as the natural beauty of its beautiful land environment.

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Ascendant Holidays members know that tourists love and appreciate the natural beauty of Maui and call it the Magical Isle of Hawaii.

Two of the most popular water sports on Maui are surfing and snorkeling. To surf the high waves of Maui’s secluded and warm sandy beaches, you will want to get advice from the locals first. By following the instructions of a local surfing instructor, you will learn the etiquette’s of surfing and also the best places to go. Most resorts on the island will be able to give you instructions for snorkeling and where to rent the best equipment. According to Ascendant Holidays, La Perouse Bay is the best place to snorkel in Maui as the visibility is excellent and there is an incredible amount of marine life to see there.

Ascendant Holidays Reviews the Island Of Maui

A visit to the Lower Puohokamoa Falls in Maui is also an excellent adventure, especially after it rains because it turns into quite an awe-inspiring sight. Our travel experts know that you can enjoy all this and much more in Maui especially if you make all your travel plans in advance. We can help you connect with reliable travel companies who are real experts so you can be assured to have the best Hawaiian holiday possible with no stress.

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