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Ascendant Holidays will say that now is no better time with the Peso so cheap.

There are many amazing spots to enjoy in Mexico.

Ascendant Holidays reminds members that pretty much all of Mexico uses the pesos as currency. Generally, there will be about 21 pesos to one American Dollar, and 0..49 U.S. cents are the equivalent to one peso.

Ascendant Holidays suggests Mexico (1)

Bills of 20 200 and 500 Mexican pesos

Within many parts of Cancun, including numerous resorts that our members have access to, American currency is widely accepted; However, you always get an abysmal rate go to an ATM at the bank and get Pesos. If you prefer to pay via a credit card use one with fraud protection and ask that the bill be in Mexican pesos. You will find that over the course of your trip your savings on the exchange rates will be more in your favor

Special Tip by Ascendant Holidays

Don’t use the Exchange booths on the streets or airports the bank ATM will always give you the best rate.

It indeed is a standard according to and pretty much all vacation resort housekeepers and also maids to be able to earn tips suggests our travel experts, even in hotels and also resorts. Between $2 and $4 per individual staying in the room per maid visit will be a proper amount. Keep in mind before you leave home it is a great idea to take a 50.00 and get all ones. This a great way to give a tip and you don’t have to try to figure the exchange rate, and of course, it is only dollar bills.

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