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Ascendant Holidays knows that when the travel season comes, many families want to have magical vacations that will help them truly appreciate the season by spending time together.

Ascendant Holidays offers these helpful tips

Most theme parks, such as the Disney parks, are beautifully decorated for the holidays and even have special events perfect for families to enjoy when they visit. This makes these theme parks perfect for family travel.

Ascendant Holidays Tricks for Busy Theme Parks (2)

However, because these theme parks are so popular they can get swamped during the holiday season, so Ascendant Holidays offers families these great tips that will help them navigate these parks and beat the crowds this season.

Arrive early: These parks are busiest in the middle of the day, so Ascendant Holidays advises that you arrive early to get the most of the park before the crowds set in. Some ticket plans will even allow early entrance into the park and may be a great choice if you want to make sure that you get to try some of the most popular attractions.

Have a plan: Know before you visit the park which rides and attractions you most want to see so that you can plan around their busiest times. You can also hit these when the park is not as active, and when the parks get more crowded, Ascendant Holidays suggests spending some time enjoying shops or other park attractions.

Download apps: There are some apps and forums that will give your tips on everything from wait times for rides to the best places to eat in the park. Ascendant Holidays encourages you to keep these handy so that you can always stay up to date and make the most of the park experience. These will be a great way to have a great experience even in a busy park.

Ascendant Holidays Tricks for Busy Theme Parks (3)


As always Ascendant Holidays wants you to have the very best of times we have lots of great inventory in Orlando. So next time forget the cramped hotel and go in luxury in one of our many resort condos right by your favorite park

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